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Meet the Go Green Team

The Go Green Team is one of the most successful and supportive networks of Norwex sales consultants in North America.

I’m Pam Altendorf of Goodhue, Minn., and I founded the team in 2009. Today, the Go Green Team has thousands of consultants who live across the United States. With guidance and the resources I provide exclusively to them, Go Green Team members have the support they need to advance their careers within Norwex — and to meet an array of other professional and personal goals, too.

Go Green Team members not only are go-getters — but also highly communicative and collaborative with their colleagues.

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Still have questions?

Not sure if the Green Team is right for you? I’ve answered some common questions about Norwex and my team.

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Are you ready?

Are you ready to help makes home healthy and chemical free? Visit my page at to join the Green Team.

A look at the Green Team Resource Center

Through the thoughtful exchange of information during regularly scheduled meetings, conference calls and webinars, Green Team members develop:

  • A strong command of Norwex products
  • More successful approaches to sales — and the development of repeat customers
  • The confidence to build robust Norwex sales teams of their own

Green Team members also have extensive and exclusive access to online information sharing through a website developed and maintained just for them. This password-protected website provides Green Team members everything they need to get started and to track the wide array of information and events that will help them win business. The site features forums where team members can collaborate to learn from and encourage each other — and an online learning platform where they can work at their own pace.

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Let's hear from you

Whether you're interested in buying or selling Norwex, please review the questions I often receive -- and know that I would be happy to hear from you.

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