Norwex Starter Kit

A generous supply of the most popular products!

Here’s everything you need to start your Norwex business!

I remember the day I opened my Starter Kit — and I can attest: This is it. This is the life-change you’ve been looking for. With the Norwex Starter Kit, you will be on your way to building a supportive network of business colleagues and friends. You can meet your professional and personal goals. You can work toward financial freedom. And when you also join my Go Green Team, you’ll find the support you need to achieve success.

There are no up-front costs

You read that right. No up-front costs. To get a Starter Kit, which include everything you need to launch a business, new consultants pay only for shipping. Sell $2,000 in Norwex products in the first three months, and the Starter Kit is free. This is in addition to the hundreds of dollars worth of free products that can be earned as rewards for sales, party bookings and recruiting — and a generous consultant discount of 35 percent. Almost 93 percent of new consultants on my Go Green Team earn the free Starter Kit. However, if after 90 days, a new consultant has not achieved $2,000 in sales, the consultant can purchase the Starter Kit for just $200, which is much less than it is worth.

The benefits of joining
  • Be your own boss, and set your schedule! Here’s why I think you really can have it all with Norwex.
  • Earn 35% commission, generous monthly incentives. Go Green Team members share their thoughts here.
  • Eco-friendly products for a healthier lifestyle and a greener planet. Here’s just a glimpse of the BIG impacts Norwex products can make.
What you get
  • Dry Superior Mop Pad (1)
  • Telescopic Mop Handle (1)
  • Large Wet Mop Pad, BacLockTM (1)
  • Large Mop Base (1)
  • Ultra Power PlusTM Laundry Detergent 250 g sample size (1)
  • EnviroCloth, BacLockTM (1)
  • Window Cloth, BacLockTM (1)
  • Dusting Mitt, BacLockTM (1)
  • Body Pack, BacLockTM (1)
  • Cleaning Paste (1)
  • Veggie and Fruit Scrub Cloth (1)
  • Bathroom Scrub Mitt, BacLockTM (1)
Business supplies to help you!

    Envelope 1

  • First Steps Guide (1)
  • FreshSTART New Consultant Guide (1)
  • Party Cards (1)
  • Envelope 2

  • Product Quick Guides (25)
  • The Power of 10! (25)
  • Microfiber Brochure (1)
  • Customer Order Forms (20)
  • Host Envelopes (5)
  • Host a Party Count Your Stars – Host Brochure (5)
  • Host Order Form (5)
  • Party Invitations (30)
  • Opportunity Brochure (10)
  • Envelope 3

  • Success Builder Brochure (1)
  • The Norwex Purpose (1)
  • Party Starter Kit Information Sheets (1 set)
  • Business Supply Catalog (1)
  • Norwex Now Flyer (1)
Norwex starter kit

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